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In addition, it is important to avoid strong soaps or chemicals, especially those known to cause a skin reaction. Retrograde ejaculation is most common in males with diabetes who suffer from diabetic nerve damage. Penile cancer is a rare form of cancer that occurs when abnormal cells in the penis divide and grow uncontrolled. The treatment for balanitis depends on its underlying cause. Antifungal cream if the condition was from candida yeast. Semen, which contains sperm the male reproductive cells , is expelled through the end of the penis when the man reaches sexual climax orgasm. What disorders affect the penis?
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Male Reproductive Problems: Penis Disorders

Balanitis Balanitis is an inflammation of the skin covering the head of the penis. With paraphimosis, the foreskin becomes stuck behind the ridge of the head of the penis. You might not be able to get an erection. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. Most cases of dry gangrene are not infected. Gently pull back and clean under your foreskin with warm water. Therapy is the way to deal with this. Paraphimosis is a medical emergency that can cause serious complications if not treated. In some cases, balanitis simply results from being too rough with your penis over a period of time, and in other cases, no cause can be found. About the pain, I am very concerned as it is very uncomfortable.
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Penile Disorders

Radiation , which uses high-energy rays to attack cancer, and chemotherapy , which uses drugs to kill cancer, are other treatment options. I've tried not mastrubating for a week and the problem remained. Its not looking so good seeing as some of you have had it for ages, hopefully my doc can sus it out. The prescription usually comes as a cream or ointment. A course of antibiotics usually treats the problem. Certain benign non-cancerous tumors may progress and become cancer. The tip of the penis — the glans — is a particularly sensitive part of the male anatomy, especially in uncircumcised men.
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Description:In people whose disease develops quickly, lasts a short time, and goes away without treatment, the likely cause is trauma hitting or bending that causes bleeding inside the penis. Symptoms of balanitis are: I would describe it as a light pinch whenever there is friction against anything. Medications that help shrink blood vessels, which decreases blood flow to the penis, also may be used. Have tried creams, including topical steroids, but no significant improvement. The presence of tight foreskin may make it difficult to keep this area clean and can lead to irritation by a foul-smelling substance smegma that can accumulate under the foreskin. Symptoms include pain and swelling of the penis. Paraphimosis is a medical emergency that can cause serious complications if not treated.

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